Motorcycle Ride Videos

Motorcycle Ride Videos

Motorcycles Enjoying Blue Ridge Parkway
Fall Color

Location: North Carolina, near Waynesville, Maggie Valley

A compilation of photos and video of motorcycle riders enjoying the peak of fall color on the best section of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Motorcycles on the Best Section
of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Location: North Carolina, near Waynesville, Maggie Valley

Follow Jackie as she takes us on a motorcycle ride on the best section of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Rare Valentines Day Motorcycle Ride
on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Location: North Carolina – Boone, Grandfather Mountain, Linville area

Wayne braves the snow and ice on the Blue Ridge Parkway on February 14, 2011 to ride sections of it near Boone and Linville. There is a detour onto US 221 for a ways to skirt around a section the Blue Ridge Parkway which was closed for maintenance. It includes a ride across the Linn Cove Viaduct. You CAN ride year-round in North Carolina! 

Ride The Dragon Like a Girl!

Location: North Carolina / Tennessee border at Deals Gap

Chasing a Lady Dragon Slayer on the Tail of the Dragon. This girl could ride. Starts at the Calderwood Dam overlook at the Tennessee end.

The Dragon @ Deals Gap – First Ride 2011

Location: North Carolina / Tennessee border at Deals Gap

A run through the Tail of the Dragon on a cold spring day, nothing extreme – shows the entire run from the Deals Gap Motorcycle resort to the Calderwood Dam overlook in Tennessee. 

Wild Motorcycle Ride on the Cherohala Skyway

Location: Tellico Plains, Tennessee to Robbinsville, North Carolina

Take an early spring ride on the Cherohala Skyway starting at the Tellico Plains end in Tennessee. This popular motorcycle ride near the Dragon at Deals Gap reaches heights over 5000 feet on a 50 mile run through a remote mountain area at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

NC 226 A – The Diamondback Motorcycle Ride

Location: North Carolina – Little Switzerland

The Diamondback Motorcycle Ride takes you on a twisty and thrilling ride on NC 226A. It connects to the Blue Ridge Parkway at two points – one is the Blue Ridge Parkway exit at Spruce Pine (milepost 331), the other is the Blue Ridge Parkway exit at Little Switzerland (milepost 334).  NC 226 A splits off from NC 226 at the Blue Ridge Parkway. NC 226  is the shorter route to reach US 221 so it carries the bulk of the traffic as it plunges down to the valley below. NC 226 A rejoins NC 226 a couple miles from US 221 in the Valley. It’s an easy diversion to work a classic motorcycle ride into your Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle trip.

NC 209 – The Rattler

Location:  North Carolina, near Asheville, Waynesville, Maggie Valley

The Rattler motorcycle ride takes you on an enjoyable romp through the mountains and valleys which lie between Lake Junaluska (near Maggie Valley, Waynesville) to Hot Springs, NC. 30 miles long, it takes roughly an hour to make the ride one way. There are several options to make loop rides once you reach Hot Springs, but it’s also a nice out-and-back ride.

Fall Leaves on NC 209
– The Rattler motorcycle ride

Location: North Carolina – North Carolina, near Asheville, Waynesville, Maggie Valley, Hot Springs

A motorcycle ride on The Rattler – NC 209 one fall, leaf colors, nice views

Rides Near Floyd, Virginia:

Location: Floyd, Virginia and surrounding area

A visit to the Hotel Floyd on this vacation trip shows several of the great motorcycle rides in the surrounding area and info about the town.

The Snake – US 421 Section

Location: Tennessee / Virginia – Near Mountain City, TN and Bristol TN/VA

The Snake is comprised of several roads near the Tennessee / Virginia border. This video shows a section of US 421, one of the most popular and enjoyable motorcycle rides you’ll find. It includes a stop at the Shady Valley Country Store at the crossroads of them all.

The Dragon @ Deals Gap
vs. Beech Mountain Road

Location: Both roads cross the North Carolina / Tennessee border though they are more than 100 miles apart

Simultaneous videos compare curve-for-curve the infamous Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap to virtually unknown Beech Mountain Road with a surprising result

Blue Ridge Parkway
– 2010 Summer Solstice Motorcycle Ride

Location: North Carolina –  Near Maggie Valley, Waynesville, NC

A short motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway to celebrate the height of summer. Shows part of the best section of the Blue Ridge Parkway near the highest points in North Carolina. One of the best motorcycle rides you’ll find!

NC 276 – Descent From
the Blue Ridge Parkway

Location: North Carolina – Near Waynesville, Maggie Valley – US 276 Blue Ridge Parkway exit at Wagon Road Gap (milepost 412.2)

The 3 mile plunge down US 276 towards Waynesville is one of the steepest and most challenging motorcycle rides you’ll find. Follow Jackie as she tackles it.

North Carolina Roadside Waterfalls Tour

Location: North Carolina / Near South Carolina border

A video of the roadside waterfalls on this motorcycle tour which takes in a dozen or so of the waterfalls found on America Rides Maps #6

NC 215 – Teaser for video now in production

Location: North Carolina, near Brevard, Toxaway, Cashiers, Waynesville, Maggie Valley

Just a teaser, the video got put on hold when roadwork started. To date, roadwork continues. It shows portions of this great biker road which crosses and connects to the best section of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Ride Videos

  1. my husband and i,and a few friend were riding the diamond back on sunday june 24th at about 3 0r 4pm. weve traveled this road several times,but never have seen our picture, i was waving like crazy!!!!!lol we had 4 other riders with us. i was just woundering if maybe u could look back we were on a purple heritage soft tail harley,and post our picture on ur website. i just finally got the internet! and couldnt wait to pull our picture up,but it wasent on there. no hard feelings,i think its really cool u all get out&do thAT 4 US TO C! thanx again and if u find us i would love to c it,so ill keep check n to c if u all posted it yet! thanx alot! have a great 4th!!!!!

  2. Just amazing, I just watched the ride like a girl. My friend from work is there now, he road the dragon. It is a beautiful ride 🙂

  3. I have enjoyed the motorcycle videos and realize that is your expertise; however, my daughter and I will be visiting western NC later in the fall. We will be traveling from Wayah Road near Franklin, NC for several days and the on to south of Brevard for a week. We are especially interested in roadside waterfalls as I am nearly 80 and she will not go hiking to remote areas by herself. But, this trip is on our “Bucket List” and we want to see and enjoy as much as we can. We will be traveling in a large GMC Sierra pickup. What would be our best route to see as much as we can? I have been looking for several weeks and have not found best directions (or do not know where to look). Also, I was hoping some of the falls would give the distance of the walk from the roadside. I can make a short distance and would be willing to try if the view was worth the trek. If you can help me or refer me to someone who might could, it would be greatly appreciated. And no, I have never ridden a motorcycle. Thank you so much.

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