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image-put-your-link-on-smoky-mountain-riderYOU should be listed on Smoky Mountain Rider

Smoky Mountain Rider is the most comprehensive internet source for motorcycle enthusiasts who ride in or are planning a visit to the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. 30 – 60 visitors daily, more than 1800 unique visitors monthly mean your link will reach thousands of motorcyclists who ride in or are planning to ride in the Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains. 

The site is owned and managed by America Rides Maps. Wayne Busch is the site master – contact via email

Listing policies:

You may submit your link (directions below) to be listed if it conforms to the character and theme of this site. The focus of the site is motorcycle riding in the blue ridge and smoky mountains.

All submissions are screened and judged individually for appropriate content and relevancy. Final authority rests with the site master regarding addition and removal of listings.

Categories of Listings:

  • Camping –  on page:
  • Lodging & Accommodations –  on page:
  • Motorcycle Guides – on page:
  • Motorcycle Rentals –  on page:
  • Buy Cool Motorcycle stuff –  on page:
  • Motorcycle Dealers & Repairs – on page:

Courtesy listings:

Example of courtesy listing:
Fireside Cottages – Maggie Valley, NC

Courtesy listings include text name of business and hyperlink to destination URL, and location city / state when included.

There is no charge for courtesy listings. There is no set duration. They may be removed without notice.

List members must include a backlink at their primary URL to either of the following:

Smoky Mountain Rider –
America Rides Maps –

HTML insert codes for backlinks provided at bottom of page;

image-enhanced-listing-buttonEnhanced Listings:

Example of enhanced listing:


Fireside Cottages in Maggie Valley, NC

Fireside Cottages – Maggie Valley, NC
Exit Blue Ridge Parkway at Soco Gap –  Milepost 455.7.
Go 1.7 miles towards Maggie on US 19. On left.
6490 Soco Road
Maggie Valley, NC
Call: 828-926-1730
Closest place to stay near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Maggie Valley, nice cabins and a restaurant / bar on site.image-enhanced-listing-button Motorcycle Friendly.
Smoky Mountain Rider articles about:


Fee: $50.00 USD per year (Price until 5/30/2012).
If not renewed annually, listing defaults to courtesy listing status.
Enhanced listings get placed at top of list

You may add the following options to an enhanced listing:

  • text name of business – highlight in color (40 color palette)
  • hyperlink to destination URL (‘s)  – you may use more than one link in your listing
  • complete address / description of how to find your location
  • contact information
  • up to 150 words of text which may include links but not exclusively
  • icons – size 100×100 px or less
  • images – size max 250px on longest axis
  • banners – 60 px by 468 px
  • .jpg or .gif format, animated gif’s OK


  • All content is to be provided by subscriber
  • All media is to be provided by subscriber
  • All images are to be provided by the subscriber

Layout and final appearance rest with the site. Limitations are inherent in the host platform related to WordPress and current site theme template. Layout changes may or may not be available. Layout may change without notice.


Payment is due to AMERICA RIDES MAPS

By Mail:

America Rides Maps
706 Underwood Cove Road
Waynesville, NC 28786

By PayPal:
payment to PayPal account:

Credit Card:
Call 828.734.2164


Submit your request via email to
Use “request to be listed” as subject line

minimum info (courtesy listing)

  • name of link
  • URL (internet address) to be linked to
  • location city/state if applies
  • category for listing (see category list)
  • valid email address for contact

For enhanced listings:

  • URL (web address) for posted images to be linked to
  • additional content info / details
  • preferred payment method

The more information you provide, the faster your listing will be posted. You may submit HTML code for your listing – keep it simple, the platform is limited.

Affiliates: Smoky Mountain Rider participates in affiliate programs. If you offer an affiliate program for a motorcycle related product or business or other related opportunity please inform us and we’ll look into participation. Contact
Backlink codes:

Cut and paste the insert code into the HTML of your web site to generate the backlink:

Text link:
Smoky Mountain Rider –
insert code –

<a href=”” alt=”motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains”>Smoky Mountain Rider</a>

link displays as – Smoky Mountain Rider
Text link:
America Rides Maps –
insert html code –

<a href=”” alt=”the best motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains”>America Rides Maps</a>

link displays as – America Rides Maps
Image link: icon 100 px x 100 px
insert html code –

<a href=””><img src=”×100.jpg” alt=”Go to America Rides” width=”100″ height=”100″ /></a>

displays as:
Motorcycle maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains
image link: banner 60px  x 468 px
insert html code –

<a href=””><img src=”×469-banner.jpg” alt=”Go to America Rides” width=”468″ height=”60″ /></a>

displays as:
Go to America Rides
Image link: 200 px x 133 px
insert html code –

<a href=””><img title=”SMR 200×120″ src=”×120.jpg” alt=”Go to Smoky Mountain Rider for the best rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains” width=”200″ height=”133″ /></a>

displays as:


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