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  1. Wayne-
    Any idea if the rock slide has been cleared and the Dragon’s Tail is open. Riding down with a couple friends next week for our first trip to the DT. Any great places to camp you’d recommend? Thanks in advance. John

  2. For another beautiful ride in Virginia scenic hwy. 58 which we have named the Mighty Python is 318 curves in 33 miles between Volney and Damascus. We are located on the Python and still are taking reservations for the 2011 season. Call for reservations 276 388-3461 and plan to stop by. There are hundreds of beautiful, fun roads to ride motorcycles on we would love to share with you. Thanks Ronald Reagan

  3. Just received maps #6, #7 and #8. Worth every penny. The wealth of information on roads and site on the back seems priceless! I’ll to heading to Great Smoky Mountains next week (July 21st 2011) and a lot of my questions about road surface and conditions have been answered on the back of these maps. These are truly maps made for bikers. From one biker to another, Thank-you for a job well done!

    John Bradley
    Jacksonville, Fl

  4. Hi Wayne, Ray and I are headed out tomorrow morning (7/27) trailering our Harleys for an extended trip which includes the Sturgis Rally – our first time going – then on to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Cody, WY, and Fort Collins. CO. We’ll be on the road for 5 weeks for some great Mountain riding. We’re really looking forward to it. I logged onto the to get some ideas for day trips; I’ll let you know my impressions after we return.

  5. wayne, found this site early wednesday moring on the net, was even more suprised to see you live in under wood cove, i grew up right there on the corner on ratcliff cove as you turn up underwood cove, love the onfo onhere and have booked marked the site,thanks for all your hard work and what you do on here, much appreciated.

  6. Wayne, Many thanks for your contributions to the world of motorcycle enthusiasts. I just recently found your site and am really enjoying it. Can you help me with a question? Riding the BRP end-to-end in two days is possible, but a push and means missing a lot along the way. Is a three day trip reasonable? As always, it’s the balance of family, work, and life that prevents much more than a three day commitment (plus a days ride there and back).

  7. I sent the below as an email to I sent it from two different emails accounts and both came back as undeliverable. Thought I would let you know as an FYI.


    Can you tell me if your BRP maps have accommodations and/or camp sites listed a long the route.

    Also, after riding the 469 miles of the Blue Ridge, is Skyline Drive worth the extra miles? The thought of 105 miles at 35 mph sounds somewhat painful.

    I appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to help me with the above questions.



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