Smoky Mountain Rider is written by Wayne Busch / America Rides Maps

Smoky Mountain Rider is written by Wayne Busch / America Rides Maps

 Wayne Busch –

Wayne Busch owns America Rides Maps and pens the Smoky Mountain Rider Blog. He makes his living riding and exploring the great motorcycle rides of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

Wayne is an advanced motorcycle instructor, teaching experienced riders the advanced riding techniques that help them master the challenges of riding some of the most exciting roads in the world. Wether you’re looking for skills to make your cruising better or are ready to step up your on-track performance, Wayne can teach you the skills to ride safer and with more control in any conditions.

Wayne is the guy to go to when planning your motorcycle trips and is a leading online resource for information on routes, places to stay, motorcycle rentals, guides, and logistics up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Smoky Mountains. He’s worked with TV, magazines, and professional guides scouting locations and routes for film, photography, and events.



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  1. Thanks for providing great info for travelers to Maggie. I think your maps and blog are a great resource for people who visit my blog and stay with me at my cabin in Maggie.

  2. Thanks. My hands are full right now, but I will get around to adding your blog to the blogroll both at Smoky Mountain Rider and America Rides How about replying with the URL so others can find it right away?

  3. Wayne! You have one awesome page going here! I appreciate all of your info and all of your work here. Planning my first trip to Maggie this spring from Charlottesville VA. Good to know about the closure now rather than be surprised!

    Thanks again

  4. When we visited Motorcycle Pit Stop on Us129 at Deals Gap TN, we bought two “Dragon” patches and a silver dragon decal for our motorcycle. When we got home, we couldn’t find these items. So, we are wondering if we could order them rom you, and how much these items would cost. Please let us know soon. Thank you.

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