How Long Does It Take To Ride The Blue Ridge Parkway?

Photo - Detour sign on the Blue Ridge Parkway

It's not a detour, it's an opportunity to explore!

10 Hours, 47 minutes, and 27 seconds, so long as you get at least 469 miles from one tank of gas, don’t eat, wear a diaper, and they miraculously resolve all the Blue Ridge Parkway closures and detours. Obviously, that’s not the answer you are looking for.

Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway end-to-end on a motorcycle is a goal for many. It’s our nations classic motorcycle ride. But in planning your motorcycle trip, it is a goal that should be approached like sex – you don’t try to see how fast you can get it done and really enjoy it. Realistically, you could do this great ride in two long days, just to say you’ve done it, but the “I’m an idiot award” would be waiting for you at the end of your scenic ride.

Photo - motorcycle on a Virginia section with caption "Never rush the Parkway - it's meant to be savored".

Never rush the Parkway, it's meant to be savored.

The more time you put into it, the more pleasure you will get out of your motorcycle vacation. It would be better to focus on exploring small sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway and truly enjoying them. It’s not going anywhere. You can always come back to it. The same spot in the morning is a new experience in the evening, another view with a change of seasons.”

Look at those detours as opportunities to explore the thousands of miles of great roads that surround the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mountains are full of good rides which are devoid of traffic, chock full of scenery, and often more challenging and rewarding to explore.

Image - idiot badge

Slow down and avoid the "Idiot Badge"

If you must hurry through, or cover the distance for whatever reason, note those places that were special to you and plan on coming back. The Blue Ridge Parkway is best when you’re not moving at all.

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