Georgia Motorcycle Rides Map Updated

Georgia Motorcycle Rides Map Updated

Georgia Motorcycle Rides MapAmerica Rides Maps#9 – The Best Rides in the North Georgia Mountains” motorcycle ride map has just been revised and updated for 2012. This pocket map identifies the best biker roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia and good secondary roads to connect them all together.

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Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Maps

Blue Ridge Parkway

This Georgia motorcycle ride map is the 9th map in a series that covers the best motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Maps 1-6 of the series detail the Blue Ridge Parkway end-to-end. Maps 7 & 8 focus on the south and north sides of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and both include The Dragon at Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon) and the Cherohala Skyway. Maps overlap and connect for easy navigation.

Scope – Area Covered on the Georgia Motorcycle Ride Map – 

The Best Rides in the North Georgia Mountains starts north of Jasper, Dahlonega, and Taccoa and extends across the border into North Carolina as far north as Murphy, NC. On the west edge, it’s bounded by 5 / 515 / 76 and the towns of East Ellijay, GA, McCayesville, GA, and Copperhill, TN. The East side of the map traces US 441 north through Tallulah Falls, Clayton and Dillsboro just clipping a tiny piece of South Carolina.

Georgia motorcycle rides map

Georgia motorcycle rides map – Best roads are shown in red, good ways to connect them and other suggested roads shown in blue.

More than 60 roads are highlighted for Georgia motorcycle touring riders. Best Motorcycle Rides are shown in Red. Good Connecting Roads are shown in Blue. Roads are selected based on the challenge of the ride, low traffic flow, scenic views and attractions, and have to stand out from surrounding roads to be considered. Emphasis is on finding the ways to stay off the 4-lane and major roads and connect the best rides together with the best ways to reach them.

So Whats NEW?

  • The original map had about 25 roads, this one has expanded to more than 60 nice motorcycle rides.
  • Road segment mileage is now shown to help you find the turns onto these hidden gems.
  • More out-of-the-way gas stations have been added, additional motorcycle friendly places and service providers have been added.
  • The Gauntlet Motorcycle Route is now indicated with arrows which show the turns from one road to the next.
Georgia Motorcycle Rides Map

Georgia Motorcycle Rides Map – The reverse side of the map gives descriptions of the highlighted roads to help you find which ones you want to ride most

Why are these maps IDEAL for MOTORCYCLE TOURING?

  • They focus on the best Georgia Motorcycle Rides and make them easy to find
  • These maps are done from the seat of a motorcycle – every road is ridden and experienced on 2 wheels.
  • Designed for function – 11 inches x 17 inches means they fit in your pocket so they are always right there for you to use, not stowed in a pack or saddlebag. Easy to fold, even with gloves on. High contrast, easy to read.
  • At $5.99 for the water and tear-resistant version, it’s THE BEST VALUE out there. No other maps are this comprehensive, this detailed, and this cheap.

How do I get one?

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wayne busch - Smoky Mountain Motorcycle

Wayne Busch

– Wayne Busch lives in Waynesville, NC, where he produces the most detailed and comprehensive and up-to-date motorcycle pocket maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains to help you get the most of your vacation experience. See them here –

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Motorcycles Celebrate Anniversary at The Lodge at Copperhead


The Lodge at Copperhead near Blairsville, GA sits on the Gauntlet Motorcycle Ride

While riding through north Georgia on our motorcycles, Jackie and I stopped in at The Lodge at Copperhead in Blairsville  yesterday. It was their anniversary and quite a celebration – a car show / bike show, poker run, live music, loads of prizes, and a healthy turnout.


Jackie and I had lunch in the dining room. It was after 2, the crowd had thinned.

We’d spent the morning riding the great motorcycle rides that surround the lodge and planned to make it our lunch stop. Probably not the best day to come for lunch, the place was packed with bikers.  It’s one of my favorite biker friendly stops when in north Georgia.


Jackie makes the turn onto GA 60, one of our favorite motorcycle roads in Georgia.

I’ve recently added nearly a dozen roads to my motorcycle maps of this area and we had a great motorcycle ride as I toured Jackie through a half dozen or more roads she’d never seen -they are there if you know where to find them. Of course, we also hit a few old favorites we never tire of as well.

Photo - View from the Nottely Dam

Riding across the Nottely Dam in North Georgia

Spring is early and the motorcycle riders have been enjoying it! Maybe it’s the high price of gas, but there seem to be less cars on the road – all the better for us on two wheels. It’s a great time to make a trip to the enjoy the fabulous motorcycle rides in north Georgia.


Georgia holds great riding, historic spots, and wonderful scenery for the motorcycle rider

If you’ve ridden the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia before, you know it’s time to come back. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth the effort to get on your bike and ride a day to get here and experience it for yourself.


Wayne Busch

Wayne Busch - Cartographer

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– Wayne Busch lives in Waynesville, NC, where he produces the most detailed and comprehensive and up-to-date motorcycle pocket maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains to help you get the most of your vacation experience. See them here –

Wayne is an advanced motorcycle instructor for Total Rider Tech teaching Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Rider Courses. Isn’t it time you looked into advanced rider training to ride more confidently and safely? It can transform your mountain riding experience.  Total Rider Tech



A List & Descriptions of More North Georgia Motorcycle Roads


Map #9 - The Best Rides in the North Georgia Mountains

I’m way late getting back into Georgia. I’d planned to revisit the region in May. Here it is July, and I’m just now wrapping up the revisions to my Georgia motorcycle ride mapThe Best Rides in the North Georgia Mountains.

photo- opossums on sign

Love d'em possums!

I’ve been poking my wheel into the periphery of the region as I’ve been exploring great motorcycle rides in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, but just haven’t had the time to dedicate a full assault on the heart of the best riding area in the Peach State. My motorcycle map business is expanding so fast it’s required far more time in the office and production than I expected. I wish you the same success.


Clay's Corner in tiny Brasstown. Georgia is full of these little do-it-all pit stops. Lots of history to be discovered too.

There’s no need to revisit the well known rides – Blood Mountain, Wolf Pen Gap, Suches, Helen, etc., but I won’t resist hitting as many of those outstanding roads as I can while I’m there. If you’ve ridden them before, you already know what I mean. If you haven’t ridden the north Georgia mountains on your motorcycle, you’re missing out. Get it on your bucket list.

I found myself with a window of opportunity to get out on the road yesterday as the supplies I need won’t arrive until today, so I dressed for the deluge and headed south. No doubt it was going to rain. I’d hoped for thunderstorms that would come and go, but the torrent was steady from noon till dusk.


The hilly countryside is such a nice mix of rural scenes, wooded byways, and historic little towns.

I’m used to riding in all kinds of weather, and have spent so much of my time on the motorcycle riding in rain it just adds another dimension to the ride for me. I’ve found excellent tires that allow me to keep my usual “spirited pace” when carving through the wet curves, and the principal factor that limits is visibility. You can only go as fast as you can see the road ahead and at times yesterday it was so dark and the showers so heavy I had to yield to the conditions.

I set out with 29 new roads to explore. The focus is not to find the next great classic Georgia motorcycle ride, but to determine better ways to link the already well known great motorcycle rides together with good 2 lane back roads so you have the most flexibility on your travels. I’m not sure if I got to all of them. I’d printed a paper map before leaving and within a few hours it was in useless tatters. I did much of the exploring from memory. Once I review the GPS logs I’ll see if another trip is needed.

Here are a few roads you should know about:


I paused in Suches at this once popular motorcycle stop - the convenience store is till open, but no gas any longer. I laid my gear out to dry and as soon as I did it started pouring again.

Boardtown Rd / Sugar Creek Rd are west of GA 515 running parallel to it between Ellijay and Blue Ridge. Not an outstanding ride, it does allow you to get off the 4 lane divided highway when passing through. Use Scenic Rd at the north end to go into Blue Ridge or connect to GA 5.

When coming south on GA 60 Spur from US 64/74, Hardscrabble Rd will bring you west of Morganton, Blue Ridge, and Mineral Bluff so you avoid the town traffic. Orton Rd / Johnsonville Rd / Mt. Pleasant Rd! are really twisty ways to access Hardscrabble Rd from US 64 / 74 but the pavement is bumpy and your suspension had better be excellent to fully enjoy these curves.

Connecting GA 60 and GA 5, Curtis Switch Rd takes you to the Taccoa River, then Galloway Rd makes a curvy run to rejoin GA 5 midway between Blue Ridge and Mccaysville. To reach GA 5 closer to Blue Ridge, hop onto Barnes Chapel Rd, though keep an eye open for Dills Rd – it’s much more fun.


View from GA 60 south of Suches. There are awesome rides through those rainy hills. Come and do them!

Just north of the border in North Carolina, Martin’s Creek Rd snakes south from Murphy. Access it via Hiawassee River Rd on the south side of the river. The north end is devilishly tight with 10 mph curves, then it opens up as you proceed south. At the midpoint, Brasstown Rd is a really enjoyable romp east leading to a knot of great rides near Hayesville.

Finally, south of Suches where GA 60 meets US 19 at Porter Springs, Stone Pile Gap Rd is easily overlooked. A large and fancy “Ranch” sign makes it appear as if the road is a private entrance to the facility. It leads to Yahoola Rd / Black Mountain Rd which loop back towards Dahlonega. All are enjoyable though not outstanding cruiser rides. Don’t be tempted to make a run out Camp Washega Rd – it’s a really nice ride but dead ends at an Army Ranger Camp.

I plan to have the new version of Great Rides in the North Georgia Mountains ready in about a week.


Wayne Busch
Wayne Busch – Cartographer
– Wayne Busch lives in Waynesville, NC, where he produces the most detailed and comprehensive and up-to-date motorcycle pocket maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains to help you get the most of your vacation experience. See them here – 

Great New Motorcycle Route Named In North Carolina

The practice of naming great motorcycle rides is a long and honored tradition. It’s a convenient shorthand way to refer to a road or series of roads that makes for a particularly good motorcycle ride. The Dragon, Hellbender 28, Blood Mountain, The Devil’s Triangle, Thunder Road, and many others are all utilized to describe rides that rise to the level of classic motorcycle rides. Add one more to the list – the Diamondback (NC 226A) and the Lake James Route.

Image - The Diamondback Post Card Map

Postcard image of the Diamondback / Lake James Route which originates at the Switzerland Inn

This 65 mile loop combines a number of great sections of road into one beautiful and entertaining ride which offers a great combination of outstanding mountain scenery and challenging curvy two lane roads. The ride originates at the luxurious Switzerland Inn adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Little Switzerland. Located on sinuous 226A, the ride can be enjoyed in either direction though I’m inclined to immediately jump down the steep and technical descent from the Inn and get the party started. On the return via the Blue Ridge Parkway I’ll savor my fun and let the bike cool down after the hot sections along the route.

Photo - View of the grounds at the Switzerland Inn

The Switzerland Inn - A beautiful Resort on the Blue Ridge Parkway

After the initial descent, NC 226 gives you a chance to catch your breath before you turn northeast to trace the foothills and the twisty ride to reach NC 181.  Turn back towards the high country, I most enjoy NC 181 when climbing. The sweeping turns and curves have long been a favorite ride for motorcyclists in the area and you’ll get the best views of dramatic Table Rock while clawing your way up the mountainside. While beautiful and entertaining, the Blue Ridge Parkway section returning to the inn is a nice cherry on top of the shake below.

Photo - Table Rock

Table Rock is even more dramatic as it imposes on the horizon viewed end on from NC 181

I’m shipping post card maps of this ride with every order America Rides Maps so long as they last to help you discover this great loop ride. For those motorcycle touring along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Diamondback makes for a wonderful side trip to add to your motorcycle adventures.

You’ll find these great roads and many, many more on America Rides Maps “The Best Roads North and South of Asheville, NC” . Contact the Switzerland Inn for even more detail and be sure to visit . I’ll have video of this ride ASAP.


Still More Great Motorcycle Rides Near The Tail of the Dragon – Georgia Beckons

A quick look at a map will reveal Georgia is much closer than you thought, and the mountains which make for the great motorcycle rides in North Carolina and Tennessee do not know anything about state borders. While they play out once they reach Atlanta, they do not give up without a strong effort. The region has been a popular motorcycle paradise for as long as I can remember.

The most well known motorcycle rides such as Wolfpen Gap, Suches, Blood Mountain, Blue Ridge, are a favorite destination for motorcycle riders from points south. As they are the first that motorcycle adventure tourers reach, and are so easily accessed from the major metropolitan areas, and are such great motorcycle rides, they tend to get all the attention. Like the Tail of the Dragon, they attract thousands of riders who come for the challenging roads and beautiful mountain scenery.

Photo - View from the Nottely Dam

Riding across the Nottely Dam in North Georgia

Because these notable motorcycle rides get all the attention, it’s just like the situation at the Tail of the Dragon – some of the best rides get overlooked. There are plenty more and you don’t have to spend hours to reach them.

Photo - Dales pit stop in Suches, Georgia

Dales, a popular pit stop at Wolfpen Gap is strategically located at the intersection of some of the most popular motorcycle roads.

In my comprehensive explorations of the North Georgia area, I discovered a surprising number of wonderful two lane mountain back roads which either straddle the border with North Carolina or lie just beyond it. Once you get off the main arteries and away from the traffic, there are hundreds of miles of wonderful twisty and scenic two lane roads to discover and enjoy. I had quite the adventures on my many trips into the area.

Photo - Bikes lined up at Dales

The parking lot at Dales is a constant parade of motorcycles here to enjoy the fabulous rides.

Don’t let the videos fool you. It’s not all screaming sport bikes like the Tail of the Dragon, though if that’s what you’re looking for it’s here to be found. There are some really great rides just over the hill you can have all to yourself and make your motorcycle vacation a memorable experience.

So far I’ve suggested:

Guess what? There’s still more to come. There are more great motorcycle rides in the Smoky Mountains than anywhere else in the nation. Plenty more to turn you on to.

Visit America Rides Maps to get an idea of the thousands of miles of great riding just waiting for you to discover.