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  • Smoky Mountain Waterfalls Motorcycle Ride

    Tour more than 1 dozen roadside waterfalls on this long and scenic day ride.

    Smoky Mountains Waterfalls Motorcycle Ride

    Smoky Mountains Waterfalls Motorcycle Ride – click for large view


    Start in Maggie Valley. Follow US 19 west to 441 at Cherokee. Soco Falls on route. Follow US 441 south to Franklin, then US 64 / NC 28 to Highlands. 4 falls along road. Highlands to Cashiers on US 64, then loop south on 107 / 281 to see 2 more. Continue east on US 64, detour south of Brevard then onto US 276 to the Blue Ridge Parkway (3 more) Ride the Parkway to NC 215 then follow it back to US 276 and into Maggie Valley.

    Roadside waterfalls abound for the motorcycle rider

    Discover the hidden secrets on your motorcycle travels in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains

    Detailed Route:

    Distance: 190 miles.

    Time: All day ride.

    Easy to moderate difficulty

    Before you go:

    • Exercise caution! – These are roadside waterfalls, some which are on busy roads with blind curves and limited pull-outs. Pull out with confidence and vigor.
    • Look but don’t touch – Dangerous conditions lurk around waterfalls. Visitors are killed every year. Very slippery rocks. Powerful currents. Deadly drops.
    • Plan on more time – Several waterfalls require short walks to get the views. Allow time for multiple stops and photos.


    Photo-Bubbling-Springs-Branch-on-NC 215

    Easy to find Bubbling Springs Branch is on a sharp curve where it flows under NC 215.

    Start in Maggie Valley. Follow US 19 west.

    4.1 mi Pass under Blue Ridge Parkway

    5.7 miSoco Falls. Gravel pull off on left with small signs. Downhill section of road on a curve. Can’t be seen from road. Path and boardwalk lead to 2 converging waterfalls.

    15.2 mi Turn left @ traffic light at casino for shortcut to US 441 south. Junction US 19 and Casino Road.

    16 mi Turn left @ traffic light onto US 441 south. Junction Casino Road and US 441.

    20.1 mi Follow highway 23/74 east. Junction US 441 and highway 23/74 exit 74.

    27.3 mi Follow US 441 south. Junction US 441 and highway 23/74 exit 81..

    45.3 mi Exit US 441, follow US 64 / NC 28 east. Junction US 441 and US 64 / NC 28 at Franklin.

    54.4 mi – Cullasaja Falls. Visible from road on right. Limited and hazardous parking near guardrail on sharp curve.

    57.3 mi Quarry Falls – Visible from road on right. Long paved pulloff on right side of road.

    58.2 mi – Dry Falls – Not visible from road. Paved parking on right with signs. Short trail to waterfall. Path continues behind waterfall.

    60.8 mi – Bridal Veil Falls – Visible from road on left. Paved pull off. Drive behind the waterfall for a photo.

    Motorcycles at Cullasaja Falls in North Carolina's "Land of the Waterfalls"

    With permission granted, I stand ready to help you have the ride of your life! Just say YES!

    63.5 mi Turn left @ traffic light to continue on US 64. Junction US 64 and NC 28 downtown Highlands.

    73.7 mi Turn right @ traffic light onto NC 107 south. Junction US 64 and NC 107 in Cashiers.

    77.1 miSilver Run Falls – Not visible from road. Poorly marked gravel pull off on left. Trail leads into woods. 1/4 mile walk.

    83 mi Turn left onto Wiginton Scenic Byway. Junction Wiginton Scenic Byway and NC 107.

    85.2 mi Turn left @ stop sign to head north on NC 281 (Whitewater Falls Road). Junction Wiginton Scenic Byway and NC 281.

    87.6 miWhitewater Falls State Park. Not visible from road. $2 fee. 1/4 mile paved walk. Highest waterfall in the east.

    94.9 mi Turn right @ stop sign to continue east on US 64. Junction NC 281 and US 64.

    97.1Toxaway Falls – Not visible from road. Road crosses dam with waterfall below. Difficult to get a good view. Park at Toxaway Village or along road on dam.

    105 mi Turn right @ junction US 64 and US 178 at Rosman.

    106 mi Turn right @ traffic light in Rosman, exit town.

    107 mi Turn left onto East Fork Road. Junction US 178 (Pickins Highway) and East Fork Road.

    110 mi Turn right @ stop sign  to keep on East Fork Road. Junction East Fork Road and Walnut Hollow Road.

    119 mi Turn left @ stop sign to go north on US 276 (Greenville Highway). Junction East Fork Road and US 276.

    120 miConnestee Falls – Not visible from road. Large sign, trailhead at end of parking lot. Short walk to overlook where 2 waterfalls converge.

    126 mi Turn right @ traffic light in Brevard onto US 64. Junction US 276 and US 64.

    129 mi Turn left @ traffic light onto US 276 north. Junction US 64 / US 276 / NC 280.

    135 miLooking Glass Falls – Visible from road. Large paved parking along road on right. Boardwalk to base of falls.


    Whitewater Falls, one of the highest in the east.

    137 mi – Sliding Rock – Not visible from road. Fee area $2. Paved parking lot. Bathers slide down waterfall.

    144 mi Turn right onto parkway ramp. Turn left at the stop sign to head south (towards Cherokee) on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Junction US 276 and Blue Ridge Parkway.

    148.5 mi – Graveyard Fields – Not visible from road. 1/3 mile paved walk to top of Second Falls. Trails continue to 2 others.

    156 mi Exit Parkway. Turn left (towards Canton) on NC 215. Junction Blue Ridge Parkway and NC 215.

    158 mi –  Flat Laurel Creek – Visible from road. Hard to find. Look for 3rd gravel pull out on right on the only straight section of road.

    160 miBubbling Springs Branch – Visible from road on left. River plunges beneath the roadway on a hairpin curve. Small unpaved parking are just beyond.

    174 mi Turn left @ stop sign to follow US 276 into Waynesville.. Junction NC 215 / US 276.

    180 mi Turn right @ traffic light in Waynesvile.. Pass through town.

    Junction US 276 and Main Street.

    181mi Turn left @ traffic light. Junction Main Street and US 276 (Russ Avenue).

    183 mi Turn left @ traffic light to return to Maggie Valley. Junction US 276 and US 19.


    wayne busch - Smoky Mountain Motorcycle

    Wayne Busch

    – Wayne Busch lives in Waynesville, NC, where he produces the most detailed, comprehensive, up-to-date motorcycle pocket maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains to help you get the most of your vacation experience. See them here –


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    32 Comments to “Smoky Mountain Waterfalls Motorcycle Ride”

    If you guys raiding form charlotte or surround are pls let me no I will joint to.


    Thanks for the riding directions on what
    Sounds and from the pictures, a very beautiful ride. I might try and talk
    My wife in doing this ride with me for
    A beautiful relaxing anniversary if I
    Can get all my wiring and blinkers working
    Before the weekend 15,16,&17th of May. Our anniversary is the 19th. But thank you for
    The idea and guide. Now get wiring and
    Lights fixed and someone to watch my kids for three days and two nights. Thanks again.

    looks like a wonderful time! Too bad I don’t have a bike lol!

    Looks like a great ride

    We are going to do this, we can’t wait.

    some of my friends and i hope to do this ride soon

    some of my friends and i hope to do this ride of the falls soon

    How can I print this?

    Would love to get this map .love . It thanks

    Please send info. Coming in June

    Im from Ia. My daughter lives in S.C,, We ride out several times and always looking for good rides.This sounds great…

    Looks really Kool , I gotta try this …

    Would like a map sent to me please! Also is there a place like half way or something in case you wanted to spend the night and break the ride up into 2 days?

    A group of us rode this route last summer in August and it was the perfect time to do this ride, but will be a great ride anytime. We are going to ride it again this year, starting from Franklin which is only about 60 miles from my house.

    Also a great place to eat on this ride is the Carolina Smokehouse in Cashiers on Hwy 64.

    How to print this ?

    I will be staying in pigeon forge this june and was wondering about incorporated in these rides in my motorcycle vacation with my wife. Are the directions from pigeon forge area or some rides that I could do with her from there

    Planed trip to Maggie 5/16-5/20 printed out some of your rides will let you know later how we liked them. Thank’s

    Planning a trip the end of July. Looking for recommendations on affordable accommodations.

    We love waterfalls and more import riding our Harleys. Just came home from a 10 state, 4,490 mile ride over an 8 day period!

    Thanks for the info on ride. Looks amazing, I’m going to plan a trip and utilize all the information you have provided. Thanks!

    Sir, I live in Eastern NC and have riden the Dragon a few times. How can I purchase your maps to explore more of Western NC and States close by?

    When is this?? Date??

    […] Meltonville, Mississippi Posts: 7,475 View crownfire's Uploads Here's a nice loop.…torcycle-ride/ Although I would change it some and instead of 441 to Franklin, just south of that is the […]

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    Love the help finding great places to ride I know a lot of these places but it’s the unknown that is the best places I would not have thought of thanks

    How can i get a map and ride information..looks like a good ride Is there a campgroung for bikes in Maggie Valley / Any info on it? Thank You….Ed Langdon….aka “Zorro”

    I am very happy to find your site. We have visited 50+ waterfalls in NC. Have seen about 20 in one day. People have told me that it is impossible to see that many in one day. Tried to explain to them how you could & they still would not believe me. Now I can just share your site with them. Purchased one of your maps years ago but missplaced ot let someone borrow it. The business that we got it closed & we didn’t know where to purchase another. Glad to find it, was very helpful on our many rides.

    Have ridden this route and plenty of others detailed in your excellent map series. I bought all 9 and I have used them all. We don’t have this kind of riding in Florida, so I have to come to North Georgia or North Carolina for my fix. Hope to see you on the road sometime!

    will be there sept 27-29 for the Goldwing rally in Waynesville, going to take this ride

    My wife and I did this ride this past week. The milage didn’t always line up and we DID miss a few of the falls, but what a route!! Thanks for doing all the leg work to make this happen for all of us. The Wedding Vail Falls was a little disappointing because the road was blocked off. Great curves! Great ride! Thanks

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