Planning Your Motorcycle Vacation Trip – Do I Need Reservations?

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Make sure the Welcome Sign is On for You

If you’re visiting the Smokies on your motorcycle vacation trip during the fall, particularly at peak leaf season, I strongly urge you to plan ahead. Rooms on or near the Blue Ridge Parkway go quickly and people reserve them a year in advance at the popular places.  Even if you don’t want to make reservations now, or only have a general idea of where you might end up, it’s worth doing a little research to be sure your motorcycle vacation plan goes well.

Here’s a tip that may save you some headaches on that motorcycle vacation trip – call ahead to a couple of potential lodgers and ask about room availability during your visit. Just because you checked for motorcycle or Blue Ridge Parkway events doesn’t mean the rooms aren’t all booked for the Wooly Worm festival, the Trout Fest, or some other local folk celebration. Mountain resorts are popular places for conferences and meetings who sometimes try to book rooms when other events are not scheduled. Don’t forget Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Centers (easy to find online) are great resources and will often send you free visitor guides.

A few extra moments planning your motorcycle vacation trip can greatly improve your enjoyment.

Here’s a couple Chamber links you might want –


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