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  • Motorcycle Loop ride near Floyd, VA

    Motorcycle Loop ride near Floyd, VA

    Downtown Floyd, VA

    Downtown Floyd, VA

    This motorcycle loop ride near Floyd, Virginia intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway at two points. You can do either half (north or south of the parkway) or the whole 34.3 miles.

    The small and historic town of Floyd, Virginia is located about 5 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, about 160 miles into the 469 mile ride. Noted for it’s celebration of local music, the picturesque shops, and a few very good places to eat and stay, Floyd makes a nice layover on your Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle tour.

    Southern Virginia Countryside

    Southern Virginia Countryside

    This motorcycle loop ride gives you a nice taste of the variety of great roads found in the southern Virginia region which surround the town of Floyd. Rolling hills, pastoral farms, lazy rivers and streams predominate the landscape. You’ll find both relaxed cruising, tight and twisty climbs, and tiny little back roads sneaking through the hills. It’s an opportunity to slip into town and refuel your bike and belly, or make a spicy diversion off the relaxed riding of the park road.

    Shooting Creek Road

    Shooting Creek Road

    Directions (clockwise):

    Starting in downtown Floyd where VA 8 and US 221 cross, follow US 221 north 2.5 miles to reach Shooting Creek Road (VA 860).

    Shooting Creek Road is a tiny back road which leads out through the farmland then into the woods as it traces along the waterway. If you watch for unpaved VA 690 at a sharp curve, you’ll see the Pine Creek Mill, a nice stop for a photo.

    Pine Creek Mill

    Pine Creek Mill

    Shooting Creek Road crosses Franklin Pike then continues south to reach the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is poorly marked at the parkway. Cross the park road and continue south to reach VA 40.

    VA 40 has both easy cruising and some very tight curves as it takes you east to Woolwine to meet VA 8.

    VA 8 will take you north climbing to reach the Blue Ridge Parkway at Tuggles Gap. You’ll find both easy cruising and some exciting hairpins are you reach the crest. Pass under the parkway and continue back into Floyd.

    Motorcycle loop ride map near Floyd, VA

    Click for full size


    wayne busch - Smoky Mountain Motorcycle

    Wayne Busch

    – Wayne Busch lives in Waynesville, NC, where he produces the most detailed, comprehensive, up-to-date motorcycle pocket maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains to help you get the most of your vacation experience. See them here –


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    2 Comments to “Motorcycle Loop ride near Floyd, VA”


    I am enjoying your posting about Floyd. Very Good! I hope to ride to there soon.

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