Made-A-Wish April 4

For the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the April 4th charity ride was a success. While I haven’t tallied the final figures, a good bit of money was raised for a good cause. Not bad for an event cobbled together is just a few weeks time. For the riders, it was also a treat. The majority went away with not only memories of a great ride, but most with a prize for their participation. For the sponsors, it was a good first effort for an event that will be repeated on an anual basis. It was also an education in organizing and promoting. Things went smoothly and without a hitch.

The weather cooperated with a clear and sunny day, though it took a while for the temperatures to creep near the projected high, and I’m not convinced they ever made it. I spent several hours shivering at the registration table as riders straggled in to get their cards and route maps. Turnout was lower than hoped and everyone who participated was appreciated. Those who bundled up and braved the cool temps were rewarded.

With the first motorcycle event of season in Maggie Valley now behind us, I’m looking forward to what this summer and fall will bring.

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