Video – Classic Motorcycle Ride, NC 209 – a preview

There are many well-known classic motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They draw millions of riders every year to come enjoy them, and they are well worth the trip. Roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Tail of the Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway, Blood Mountain, The Snake, Roan Mountain, and others are classic rides.

What few visitors realize is these are only a small sample of the wealth of fabulous two lane mountain roads which carve through the scenic hills. There are many, many more which are too often overlooked. I know, I’ve mapped more than 3000 miles of the best of them. One visit can barely scratch the surface.

Through the winter I’m going to try to highlight some of these little known classics, of which NC 209 is one. Winter filming has its challenges. The sun is much lower in the sky and days are short. Not everyone is up to facing the cool temperatures. The roads will soon be littered with salt,  sand, and gravel as the snows come and go. I can’t predict just how long this project may take, but I’ll stay on it.

In the mean time I’ve thrown together a short teaser of some of the footage I’ve shot so far to give you an idea of what’s coming and inspire you to come  ride it for yourself once spring comes. It’s really just around the bend. This road leads to many others, some even better. There’s enough to fill a season of riding and never see the same road twice. Enjoy, dream, plan. There’s no better riding anywhere.

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Motorcycle Quote / Photo for the Day

Young riders pick a destination and go… Old riders pick a direction and go.
– Author Unknown.

Photo - Roaring Run Road, Virginia

Roaring Run Road, Virginia - isn't this what we're all hoping to find?

Trust your instincts and feelings when exploring and you’ll often be rewarded. I’d passed by this road earlier in the day yet something drew me to circle back later and investigate it. Despite rain and the failing light near the end of the day, I backtracked and was rewarded with one of the most beautiful rides of the trip. It was worth it.

Roaring Run Road in Virginia is just a short ride, a little more than 4 miles long, but it was so nice I stopped for a photo to share with you. It was probably once just a remote and rugged forest road over a ridge, but it had been recently paved with clean smooth asphalt that maintains the curvy character you see here for its length as it follows the course of a mountain stream. It goes from nowhere to nowhere, but it’s the kind of places I’m always looking for.

This road and many others like it are found on America Rides Map “Great Rides Near the Start of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia“.


Motorcycle Quote for Today

Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.
  ~Hunter Thompson

Photo - Carving a curve on Charlie's Creek Road

If you're not hanging off it, you're not trying!

Ahh, one of my favorite backwoods twisties, Charlie’s Creek Road. My wife calls it “the most dangerous road we ride” and you can click through the link to read more about it in one of my other blogs. The “Tail of the Dragon” is tame in comparison. It’s predictable. Charlie’s Creek Road throws everyhting at you, tempting you to roll harder on the throttle then throwing it right back in your face if you give in too freely. Can’t get enough of roads like this and it’s not hard to. It’s part of a 100 mile loop I love which keeps you on the edge of your tires the entire time.

You find this road and the others in the loop on America Rides Maps “The Best Roads South of Great Smoky Mountains National Park – EAST“, a.k.a. the waterfall map, and it’s just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take the time to check it out when you’re coming this way.


Motorcycle Quote for Today

“Two-lane blacktop isn’t a highway – it’s an attitude.”
– Author Unknown

Photo - two motorcycles passing beneath Backbone Rock, TN

Two riders approach the tunnel through Backbone Rock, Tennessee

SR 133 is found on America Rides Map “Great Roads Near Boone, Banner Elk, And Blowing Rock“. It’s part of one of my favorite loop rides in the area, a ride which clips the corners of three states – Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. There are sections which rival the infamous “Tail of the Dragon” and a wonderful area to spend time on two wheels.


Motorcycle Gift – Be Fog Free

Here’s another motorcycle tip from – how to keep your motorcycle face shield fog free for about $5.00. I’ve been using Cat Crap for years, in fact, the tub of it in the video is at least 10 years old and as you can see I’ve hardly made a dent in it.

You can find it online direct from the manufacturer at or just google it for other suppliers. I picked mine up at a ski shop one winter for my goggles.

The video doesn’t lie, the stuff works just like you see. Buy one for yourself and give one to a friend. It’s another inexpensive gift that makes a nice stocking stuffer and will be appreciated for years.

– More tips can be found at America Rides Maps.com