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  • US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop at The Dragon
    Photo - US 129 Pit Stop sign

    The US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop

    I had a couple outstanding passes through The Dragon at Deals Gap yesterday with a short stop at the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop in Punkin Center at the Tennessee end of the ride.

    With temps that rivaled the punishment awaiting below, the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop was a heavenly break to cool off, get a cold drink, and just hang out and shoot the breeze with Todd & co. while I savored the best moments of my ride and planned my strategies for my return assault on one of the top motorcycle rides in the world.

    Photo - US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop

    Easy to find, the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop is at the junction of US 129 and TN 72

    Easy to find, the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop is located at the well marked junction of US 129 and TN 72. It’s the only place near The Dragon which provides service for your motorcycle. They have tires, batteries, oil, etc., can get parts overnight, and a mechanic is on duty to tend your motorcycles needs while the Pit Sop Store services your hunger, thirst, and lust for Dragon souvenirs.

    It was late in the day when I arrived and they were starting to close up shop so I didn’t stay long. I plan to return and try the food, maybe add to my collection of Dragon T-Shirts as they offer ones of particularly high quality that will hold up for years.

    Photo - inside the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop

    Get a cool drink, a bite to eat, and your Dragon souvenirs inside

    Pay a visit to the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop on your next visit to The Dragon. Nice people are waiting for you there.

    Visit the US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop stop on the web here:

    US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop

    It’s the only place to get service when you really need it at The Dragon.

    Photo - Service available at the US 129 Pit Stop

    The ONLY place to get mechanical service at The Dragon

    Other News from the Tennessee end of The Dragon – The Motel and Restaurant are under new management, the names have changed, things are shaking up a bit and coming alive at what was the quiet end of the ride. Devastation from the recent tornado is still evident, especially along the lake. One of the huge power line towers in the lake was twisted into a crumpled heap, trees are blown down and branches still hang from the wires in places.  There were two forest fires in the area when I visited and the scars left from the fire breaks will be visible for some time to come.


    Wayne Busch
    Wayne Busch – Cartographer
    – Wayne Busch lives in Waynesville, NC, where he produces the most detailed and comprehensive and up-to-date motorcycle pocket maps of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains to help you get the most of your vacation experience. See them here – 

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    1 Comment to “US 129 Motorcycle Pit Stop at The Dragon”

    There are a number of pull offs on the Blue Ridge Parkway to stop and take some snaps of the distant vistas.

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